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Earlier in the evening, the extended members of the Gaffney family met at a very familiar location, All Wars Memorial Park in Linwood, where the softball field is named in honor of former Mayor John Gaffney. The landscaped boulder commemorates a man who, along with other volunteers, pushed to bring softball to Linwood. His four daughters played softball and he coached the league.

Linwood City Councilor June Byrnes, a longtime friend of the Gaffney family and teammate in Mainland, said she recently thanked the Linwood Recreation Board volunteers for their hard work and used the Gaffney family as my example of how their involvement can now last a lifetime.

Gaffney was a little shy when she started talking to family, friends and fans in the library, but quickly found her rhythm, easily sharing the character details of this very personal story.

As the author explained, she is a horse trainer and has found the happiness of working with half broken horses and half broken people in New Mexico. “Half Broke” begins with a phone call from the neighboring Delancey Street ranch, where the residents who live there are ex-convicts and recovering drug addicts trying to find a way to stay clean. The desperate call was to get Gaffney’s help with the horses on the ranch.

“Not once in my life had I heard of horses acting like this: scavengers, marauders, horse war parties. I didn’t think that could be true, and if it did, I did. ‘definitely needed to see it, “she said.” I wanted to help them but had to wait for them to contact me and when they did I wanted to see what I could do to help the horses so that the people who live there can learn to work with them. “


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