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“Twilight” author thinks Robert Pattinson looks more like Jacob than Edward


When Robert Pattinson flew from England to Los Angeles to audition for dusk, he had no idea how much his life would change. Pattinson was just looking for an opportunity to pay his bills and hone his craft. Harry potter. However, portraying the immortal vampire, Edward Cullen, would make him a household name and change the course of his career.

the dusk films were nothing less than a global phenomenon. All five films grossed billions of dollars at the box office and broke records. And while the dusk The mania has set in since the premiere of the last film, Pattinson is still extremely well known for his iconic role.

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Robert Pattinson campaigned for his ‘Twilight’ character to be sullen and serious

Pattison is known for his cheeky comments on the dusk movies. However, he took his role in the first film very seriously. The batman The actor went out of his way to make sure the film was something more than a teenage love story. In addition, he is responsible for Edward’s brooding and melancholy behavior. In fact, the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire alum almost got fired because he didn’t want his character to have a sunnier disposition.

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But while Edward is very serious, Pattinson is pretty much the opposite of his famous character. In fact, Stephenie Meyer, who wrote the dusk books, revealed that the actor looks more like Jacob Black. Jake, of course, is Bella Swan’s best friend and has a much more carefree and playful personality than Edward.

Stephenie Meyer thinks Pattinson looks more like Jacob Black than Edward Cullen

In an interview with MTV, Meyer has revealed what Pattinson looks like in real life. “Rob looks more like Jacob than Edward,” the dusk the author confessed. “He’s clumsy, he’s funny, he doesn’t take much seriously. But he can turn Edward on like that.

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Pattinson certainly demonstrated his wacky side during the four years he spent filming the dusk movies. While filming the first movie, he jokingly proposed to Kristen Stewart. But his castmates weren’t the only ones the butt of Pattinson’s jokes. Lighthouse the actor also had a penchant for trolling in the media. In fact, he once started a false rumor about the movies hoping it would spread.

Pattinson trolled the media by fabricating false rumors about the “Twilight” movies

In an interview with the Washington post, Pattinson revealed that he intentionally tried to destabilize the media by spreading false claims. The actor made up lies on stages of the dusk movies. “I was doing things like saying there were scat scenes in the first part of Twilight“Pattinson admitted. Clearly, the actor has more of a mischievous mind than his character. We’re sure that dusk fans can understand why Meyer believed he looked more like Jacob than Edward.

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