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Review: Sheraton Stockholm Hotel [w/ Suite Upgrade Certificate]

Review: Sheraton Stockholm Hotel [w/ Suite Upgrade Certificate]

It had been a long time since I had stayed at a Sheraton, so I was looking forward to seeing how it would go this time around. I had originally booked into a Radisson down the road, but with an expiring free night certificate and a bunch of suite upgrade rewards, I decided to give the Sheraton Stockholm a try!

Review: Sheraton Stockholm Hotel

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The Sheraton Stockholm Hotel is in a great location just down the street from Stockholm Central Station. This is where you can catch various buses, all metro lines and the very efficient Arlanda Express which will get you from the airport to here and back in just 18 minutes each way.

In the surrounding area you will find many different shops and even various restaurants to try. I hadn’t tried any since I was in town just for one night and that was for the marathon (so I ate at the pasta oven at the race venue). I tried their continental breakfast on race morning and I’ll have more on that below.


It seems that the average rates during this month (June) cost around €159 per night for a basic room. As for points, thanks to Marriott’s variable pricing, it’s hard to say exactly what price you’ll find. I can say that the night I was looking for put it at 38,000 points – or just 3,000 points more than what my free night certificate would reserve.

Fortunately, Marriott recently allowed you to use points in addition to these certificates (up to 15,000 points) to book award nights, so that’s exactly what I did! Also, as a Marriott Platinum member, I also picked up 1,000 points as a welcome gift, so that was a net of 2,000 points and a certificate expiring soon for the free night.

I also have a number of suite upgrade rewards available, so I went ahead and tried to apply one. Take note that these don’t just book for actual suites but also for upgraded rooms with various features – upper floor, balcony, club access, view (city or lake). In the end, I got a Superior King Balcony room with lake view (which was awesome!).


Here’s the one area where the hotel really failed. I had checked in through the app the day before and requested a 2pm check-in. I know very well that it depends on availability and that having a specialized room can prevent early check-in from working. But, I thought I would try.

I actually arrived at 1:45pm so thought I’d check and see if it was available and if not leave my backpack while I wandered around for a bit. No surprise – the room wasn’t ready but they “queued” it to be ready early. They suggested I come back after 2pm.

I came back at 2:40 p.m. and waited in line (I will mention here that although they had a single agent position that was marked “Marriott Elite” they actually didn’t track that and just took anyone who was in that line or any other line – j so I had to wait behind a group of tourists). When I got up there they said it still wasn’t ready but “regular check in isn’t until 3pm so that’s fine.” And, I was told that this agent would “queue” it to get it ready faster. I quickly figured out that really didn’t mean much and since the two officers put him in the queue, he may not have done anything anyway.

I was told I could wait in the lounge so he checked me in and I waited. After 3:40 p.m. without being contacted, I went back up. At this point, I was frustrated. It was now 40 minutes past check-in time and I had an appointment and had hoped to take a little nap and freshen up before – now it would just be time to clean up.

The agent (another) said it was still not ready and I told her if I had realized it would take this long I would have just taken a regular guest room but she said they weren’t not available either (the hotel was full). She said she would speak to her manager. About 8 minutes later she was back and said the room was ready.

If you are visiting this hotel during a busy season, I would suggest not trying an upgraded room if checking in on time or early is important to you. But, if you don’t mind the wait, the upgrade could be great! 🙂


Again, it was an upgraded room due to the balcony (very small but still nice to hang out – plus there was a small table and chairs) and being a room on a high floor. I was on the 8th floor (last stage) with a view of the city.

The surfaces showed some wear and you could definitely see that some woodwork and such needed upgrading. But the bathroom was quite spacious and bright and the bedroom had a few armchairs, a desk, a big screen TV and a king size bed.

One thing I really liked was that the desk had a power panel that had sockets for European, UK and US outlets. I always have a US and EU plug with me so didn’t need it, but thought it was a great addition for anyone who might not have an adapter plug with them.

The bed was very comfortable as were the pillows provided. There were light switches on both sides of the bed that controlled both the lights next door and the lights in the whole room.

Speaking of lighting for the whole room, if you’re not familiar with that, many European hotels require you to put your key card in a slot near the door to turn on the electricity in the room. If you visit this hotel (or any European hotel that does that) during the hot summer months, I suggest getting at least two keys so you can leave one to keep the AC on while you’re away (btw the weather was very nice – mid 50s when i arrived).

There were also reading lights on both positions on the bed. All in all, it seemed like they thought of the things people needed with easy access to lights for the whole room, power outlets, a bedside table and reading lamps – all without getting out of bed .

The balcony offered spectacular views of the city. I couldn’t resist taking a bunch of pictures from the balcony. What’s crazy about visiting Stockholm in June is that “the blue hour” (that moment shortly after sunset / shortly before sunrise when the sky has a beautiful deep blue) does not really disappear. Sunset is after 10 p.m. and sunrise is just after 3 a.m. So, I was taking pictures after midnight and the sky was still a very beautiful blue.

My view of Stockholm from my balcony – it was after midnight!

If you want the best views from the hotel, opt for a lake view room.

There are two free bottles of water in the room and the fridge is empty. You can tell they used to have it in stock but now they prefer people ordering from room service and they leave the fridge for your belongings. As someone who never uses a mini bar, I like having an empty fridge for my own stuff.

A day view from the balcony

Whenever something was written or said about water in Sweden, there seemed to be a sense of pride in the taste and purity of tap water. So, after cleaning the two water bottles (glass bottles which, if broken or taken, will add a cost of 25 SEK to your room, or about 2.80 USD) I kept filling them from the tap to hydrate myself before my race and I have to say they were right! It was very good and fresh!

Living room

If you have access to the lounge, either through room selection or elite status, it’s right across from the check-in counter. They have free snacks and drinks throughout the day, but only had 3 bottles of Pepsi left (and nothing else in the fridge) when I was there in the afternoon. They had a coffee/espress/capsule machine. For snacks it was like chips, fruit and sweets.


Some rooms have lounge access with continental breakfast and if you have certain elite status (Platinum Elite or Titanium Elite), you can also get it. I was told that I had the free breakfast at the restaurant or that I could have the regular continental breakfast.

Although I would have really liked to try the restaurant breakfast, it was the morning of a marathon and I knew the type of food I wanted would be in the continental breakfast room, so no reason to hesitate. have hours of fantasy before a race!

Honestly, I was surprised at how great the continental breakfast was! Didn’t take pictures of it because it was a ton of people in there and the food was constantly blocked by customers getting their food.

But, there were several kinds of eggs (hard, fried, scrambled), a pile of fresh fruit as well as a fruit cocktail, many cereals to choose from, a whole table laden with several kinds of breads and pastries and things like oats and oatmeal. There were also several coffee/espresso/cappuccino machines to make your own drinks.

They also had flat pancakes which tasted much better than I expected as well as the toppings to go with them. There were potatoes, peppers, a fresh section full of meats, cheeses and juices. In short, the continental breakfast offered here was awesome and had just about something for everyone.

The only problem here was seating. There were so many people in this whole area that they also made people sit in the restaurant. I was a bit surprised that it was like that around 8:15 on a Saturday morning and I can only imagine it was much worse about an hour after that!


I found the Sheraton Stockholm Hotel to be a fantastic choice for my night in Stockholm. Although there are some improvements that could be made and they could certainly do better when it is busy, the staff were very friendly, the room was comfortable and the breakfast was fantastic.

Given its convenient location, I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone wanting a central location or just coming in or out of the airport using the Arlanda Express.

Image shown is from the hotel’s website

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