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NVU and League of Vermont Writers Sponsor Writing Contest – Basement Medicine


A writing competition open to all high school students in Vermont, jointly sponsored by NVU’s Creative Writing Program and the League of Vermont Writers, was launched on September 1 with the opening of submissions in poetry, non- fiction and fiction.
NVU-Johnson has a long history of offering a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. The League of Vermont Writers, founded in 1929, is Vermont’s oldest writers association and has included many prominent Vermont writers over its long history.
NVU Writing and Literature professor Tyrone Shaw thought a partnership with the League would be a natural fit. He and League member and author Hank Parker, with encouragement from the League’s board of directors, began running the contest over the summer, with ample help from NVU’s marketing department.
“NVU and the League designed the contest to encourage and celebrate the next generation of Vermont writers,” Shaw said. “Young writers are especially in need of encouragement and support. This competition is designed to provide that, as well as to recognize the schools and teachers who form the basis of their education.
Parker agreed, noting that “the most important goal is that as many high school students as possible are challenged and encouraged to write.”
The contest is made public through library flyers, newspaper ads, press releases, word of mouth and more.
“We communicated with each high school, union school [and] independent state school, principals, as well as the home schooling community, and provided the competition background, schedule, etc. Parker said.
He added that the NVU community “could just talk about it and bring it out, maybe print some flyers, distribute them or whatever. All of these things are going to help a lot, because I think we want to be overwhelmed by the numbers [of submissions], we really do.
Shaw said the competition will be judged by “[nine] very good writers who have graciously consented to serve as judges. Judges will be separated into three panels of three to judge the different categories of submissions.
Shaw, who had attended this event before, said, “It was just an absolutely beautiful thing, and I missed it terribly for over 12 years. I can’t remember when the last one was. So here we are, picking it up.
Winners in each category will receive $ 500 and finalists $ 100. Additionally, “the winners and finalists in each category will be recognized at a public event at NVU in mid-January next year, and that event … will include invitations to teachers and family members of the winners. “Parker said. .
Shaw and Parker both hope that many high school students submit their writings.
“Tyrone and I especially hope [the contest] will get a ton of submissions, ”Parker said. ” This is the main. And then we hope that this will in turn open the doors, the floodgates to more interest in this for the future. “
Shaw encourages high school writers to enter the contest, saying, “If you’ve got something to say and want to share it with the world, that’s really important. This is really good, so go – submit, submit, submit.
Submissions close November 15th. For more information on the competition, visit https://www.northernvermont.edu/vermont-high-school-writing-contest.


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