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In Loving Memory, Dear Ann Stultz Gilbert


Chere Ann Stultz Gilbert of Riverton died February 14, 2022 at Lakeview Hospital in Bountiful Utah with her daughters by her side.

Chere was born March 4, 1951 in Riverton to parents Carl D Stultz and Joyce H Stultz of Fremont County. She was the youngest of four children and a little firecracker who attended Ashgrove Elementary, Riverton Middle School and Riverton High School where she was a cheerleader. Chere graduated from Riverton High School in 1969. In 1973 Chere met John D Gilbert whom she would marry. In Laramie, Chere worked at a local bank and then opened her own women’s clothing store downtown until she sold her business in 1977. Chere moved west briefly to Portland Oregon before to return to Cheyenne WY.

In 1978 Chere welcomed her first daughter Maegan T Gilbert to Cheyenne with her husband John. In 1982 Chere moved to California and where she welcomed her second daughter Makaela S. Gilbert in Newport Beach in 1983. The family moved around extensively for various employment opportunities. For several years, Chere stayed home to raise her children. As her youngest grew a bit, Chere began attending California State University in Fullerton. In 1988, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts. She then obtained her stock broker’s license. Shortly after completing her BA, Chere was hired by Cellular One but worked long hours away from home and her children. Chere chose to leave Cellular One to prioritize motherhood. She was a Girl Scout troop leader, an active member of the local communities she lived in, and loved taking her children to the beach or the mountains to camp. In 1993 Chere moved back to Riverton with her two daughters.

Chere loved travel, car trips with the windows down, the music on and the wind whipping her hair. It was always fun trying to talk to her because she just got loud but the windows never went up and the music didn’t go down even in the Wyoming winters. She would go anywhere to experience other cultures, the wonders of nature, and to continue growing as a person. She took her children on family trips abroad and exposed them to a variety of cultures, art, history, local traditions and taught them to celebrate diversity. Chere didn’t care about money and preferred to experience life rather than owning property and wasting money on “stuff” unless the money was for flowers. She was a devoted daughter, mother, sister, and aunt who raised her children to show empathy, reach out to those in need, and stand up for those unable to stand up for themselves.

Nomadic by nature, Chere did not devote her life to a single career apart from being a mother, for her it was the experience and the ride. Of the many jobs in her life, she loved teaching high school the most. She began filling in on Wind River Reserve at Arapahoe and St Stevens Schools in the mid-1990s. Eventually this transitioned into a full-time teaching position at St Stevens High School. Chere took her student’s love of music like rap to help guide their creative writing and expression by analyzing the poetry of music. His hobby was that of a dog whisperer. She would rescue any animal in need, at one point owning 7 dogs and 6 cats. Her compassion didn’t stop at the animals as she also offered an open door for all of her daughters’ friends who sometimes needed a place to go. When she was ready to move on, she spent months making commercials for each four-legged friend, then delivered them to their forever homes all over Wyoming.

At 4’11, Chere was a determined force to be reckoned with. She never hired anyone to do a job without first trying to do the job herself. Whether she was remodeling a house, plumbing, painting, grooming her pack of animals, or rotovating the yard, Chere would jump two feet first, probably barefoot. If that didn’t work, she would find the book to teach her how to do it. Her greatest passion, besides being an amazing mother and grandmother, was gardening. This woman could cultivate plants, flowers and lay out a meter perfectly. She would sit in her flowerbeds for hours gardening with Neil Young on her headphones and allowing the world around her to fade away. This world was better with her and her absence changed the lives of those who were lucky enough to be part of her world.

Chere Ann was passed on by her father Carl D Stultz, her sister Susan Began, her nephew Jerry “Muffy” Began and her sister Jacque Taylor. She is survived by her mother Joyce H Stultz, her brother Carl D Stultz, her ex-husband John D Gilbert, her daughters Maegan T Gilbert and Makaela S Gilbert, her son-in-law Matthew Perez, her nephew Darren Taylor and her grandchildren, Kaci Ann Kennedy, Douglas David Gilbert. , Wendy Perez, Allison Perez, Lexi Lane Perez and Ireland Nollie Dear Perez. Her dear friends Carolynn Hagstrom and her husband Bruce Hagstrom have helped Chere live her best life for the past few years and Jon Bower has helped support her with whatever she needs. Those who love her will continue to share her memories with her young grandchildren.

Chere’s mind is now free to move on and no matter where this journey takes her, she will also be a treasure to this world. As a practitioner of Buddhism, Chere believed that the end of this life marks the journey of her energy to the next life she will begin. Always remember that if random shaggy dogs come your way, she might visit you, because the animals no one wanted were the ones she loved the most! May she rest in peace as we who love her strive to keep her memories and her light alive.

Cremation has taken place and a private remembrance family reunion will take place according to Chere’s last wishes. Memorial donations are made to PAWS for Chere.