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Downtown business raises $ 11,000 for Critter Barn expansion


ZEELAND – A local business has raised over $ 11,000 to support the expansion of an education-based non-profit organization.

Critter Barn – a practical farm located at 9275 Adams St. in Zeeland – welcomes more than 100,000 visitors each year, with the opportunity to get up close to the animals on tours or student programs.

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But, for now, the farm is on top of a large hill. Parking and access are particularly difficult during peak season, including the non-profit organization’s very popular “Spring Fling”.

In an effort to make the nonprofit more accessible, an anonymous donor donated 27 acres of land to the organization at the corner of 80th Avenue and Felch Street in the Township of Zeeland in 2016.

Since then, Critter Barn has worked to raise $ 7 million for infrastructure and construction work. The organization opened the new farm in 2019, but work has been significantly delayed by COVID-19 since then – and the association still has $ 3.5 million to go.

The prizes were organized by Tweed Baby Outfitters for fundraising and cost between $ 100 and $ 200.  All proceeds from the prizes went to Critter Barn.

Maggie Kleinheksel, owner of Tweed Baby Outfitters in downtown Holland, decided to participate.

“In June, two of Tweed Baby Outfitters’ clients hosted a dinner to learn about the vision for the new Critter Barn farm,” Kleinheksel wrote in an email. “I was invited to tour the new property and see the plans and construction of the new barn, and learn about all the adaptive equipment needed to make the new farm accessible to all ages and all ages. capabilities. “

Kleinheksel was impressed with the barns, bathrooms and barrier-free sidewalks, allowing everyone to visit and “experience the wonders of agriculture, agriculture, nature and nutrition”.

“Immediately I knew I wanted to lend a hand to help develop the new Critter Barn farm,” Kleinheksel wrote. “I thought of Tweed’s caring customers and knew many would be delighted to support the new Critter Barn.”

Last week, the company donated 15% of the week’s farm sales, including 100% of the revenue from special bundles organized by the Tweed team.

“I started ordering products to create barnyard-themed bundles,” Kleinheksel wrote. “I have found brands to incorporate into batches from Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, California, Tennessee and even Spain and England.”

The lots – including books, decorations, and groceries – cost between $ 100 and $ 200 and were sold to customers.

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One particularly special bundle included two of the fundraising bundles and two gold jewelry, donated by Yearly Co. in Nashville, where Tweed Baby Outfitters once operated.

Tweed Baby Outfitters owner Maggie Kleinheksel was impressed with Critter Barn's plan for an accessible and educational facility following its expansion in Canton Zeeland.

The jewels represented the intended “Golden Mile” of the farm, an 8 foot sidewalk, fully leveled to easily connect each barn on the property. The “ultimate” pack sold out in less than 19 minutes and provided a donation of $ 1,100.

As of Thursday, September 16, the company had sold more than 65 lots.

“Support for this event was so widespread,” Kleinheksel wrote. “All week we have packed and shipped dozens of packages across the United States. I am so grateful for the success of the fundraiser … and for the generosity I have seen along the way. “

Critter Barn hopes to open its new facility in the spring or summer of 2022. To donate, visit critterbarn.org/give.

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