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Deontay Wilder cannot be written off in Fury’s third fight


Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder face off for the third time.

In a little over a week.

A highly anticipated heavyweight game.

Involving two of boxing’s greatest figures and exciting talents.

Fury the last time dispelled all talk that he couldn’t hit with concussion.


Boxing’s greatest character just happens to be the new heavyweight champion

An adaptation to his style under Sugar Hill, his trainer, has seen a readjusted version of Fury lately.

Deontay Wilder will no doubt try to make it a fight.

Not a boxing match.

To impose his vicious hitting power on the contest.

Wilder knows all about hard work, as PBC’s latest episode on Fox pointed out.


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At one point, he mentioned that he went from delivering beer to being WBC heavyweight champion.

His punching power and work ethic make him hard to take out in any fight.

No doubt about it.

Speaking to PBC on Fox in the run-up, Wilder spoke about his pre-fight mentality:

“A lot of people when the tough guys start they tend to give up. Everyone wants things to be easy in life. This is not how it works. Some things have to be tough. You will never appreciate things if they come easy. You’ll never be perfect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t practice it. We will target the body. Target the arms. Target the neck. Target the head. There is no part of the body that will not be affected. In the end, my hands will be raised high in the sky. Not because I beat him for twelve rounds, but because I knocked him out (Fury).

The fight takes place at T-Mobile Arena on October 9 in Las Vegas.

It should be a good one.

The heavyweight division is in turmoil right now.


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