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Deadpool Samurai Author is hiring for a new manga


Kodansha’s Days Neo website publishes a recruitment notice for assistants to help the author of the deadpool samurai manga, Hikaru Uesugi. Uesugi plans to launch a bi-weekly serialization this summer, possibly becoming a weekly serialization.

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He expects assistants to be able to draw modern western-style backgrounds and start work in April. The position is remote and has an inexperience level. Finally, Hikaru Uesugi only asks for a sample when hired. It is unclear if its new title is related to the collaboration between Viz Media and Marvel Comics.

Uesugi previously released a one-shot in October 2019 under the same name. deadpool samurai was originally listed as a collaboration between Shueisha and Marvel Comics.

The collaboration leading to Hikaru Uesugi’s Deadpool: Samurai

Viz Media iis releasing the manga in English as part of its collaboration with Marvel. The partnership involves more release of manga and comics based on different Marvel characters. At this time, however, Marvel has not revealed any upcoming manga release dates featuring other characters. Crunchyroll’s full announcement states that:

It’s not the only Marvel manga on the way, however. After wonder meow and Deadpool: Samurai, the next title resulting from the partnership will be Secret reverse. So stay tuned for more on this and other titles that have yet to be announced!

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the Deadpool: Samurai manga launched on Shueisha Shonen Jump+ website in December 2020. It first started as a short serialization, with the manga ending in June 2021. Shueisha then shipped the second compiled book volume in July 2021. The story of Deadpool: Samurai is described as,

Either way, Deadpool is coming to Tokyo with a bang! What could go wrong when Iron Man invites Deadpool to join the new Avengers samurai squad? After all, Deadpool is only in it for the money…and a trip to Japan. It’s good, no ?

Those who have read the manga call it “classic Deadpool in action with a samurai twist according to the author”. The story features plenty of cultural references, one-liners, fourth-wall breaking, and tons of engaging action.