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Brown’s new sponsor still has NASCAR hurdles to overcome


Brandon Brown has a sponsor to fund his full-time efforts for the Xfinity series this year, but getting them on track is still a work in progress.

Brown’s team, Brandonbilt Motorsports, released a new statement on Sunday morning regarding obtaining approval from NASCAR officials for their sponsor and paint scheme. On December 30, Brown announced that the LGBcoin.io cryptocurrency coin would be the primary partner of its No. 86 Chevrolet and released an accompanying video and paint scheme.

However, NASCAR officials later said nothing had been approved and the team took the plunge with their announcement. Teams have always had to get NASCAR approval on sponsors and paint schemes before putting a car on the track.

On Sunday, the team said: “We are very aware and appreciate the process required for Sponsors and approved paint schemes and we would not try to bypass this process. Brandonbilt Motorsports has submitted our most recent sponsors and paint schemes to NASCAR, following the standard approval process we have undertaken several times before with no issues. We received the written sponsorship approval from a NASCAR race operations manager on December 26, 2021. The team then moved forward with an announcement only after receiving that approval.

“The sponsor’s approval was unambiguous – the first four words of the NASCAR state email,“ Sponsors are approved… ”The only feedback offered was for minor graphic design changes to ensure readability on the track at 170 mph. We will continue to work with NASCAR and look forward to fixing this issue and cleaning the air as soon as possible. “

LGBcoin is a new decentralized meme cryptocurrency dubbed “America’s Coin” based on the chants of “Let’s Go Brandon”. Brown became a reluctant internet sensation after his first victory at the Talladega Superspeedway in early October when fans in the background of his frontstretch winner’s interview began chanting a vulgar phrase addressed to President Joe Biden. However, NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast said the crowd was chanting “Come on Brandon” in support of the race winner. The slogan that quickly spread to other sports and online fields.

Brown remained relatively silent on the subject until the end of last month. The New York Times did a profile on Brown on December 19, titled “Brandon Brown Just Wants To Drive His Race Car.” In the article, Brown said he had “no desire” to get involved in politics.

A day later, on December 20, Brown shared an op-ed he wrote for Newsweek. Brown noted that as a result of the controversy he had turned down many media requests and was “afraid” of being canceled by his sponsors or the media. He also reiterated that he has no interest in being in the middle of a political fight and that he will not support any candidate or share for whom he voted.

However, Brown said he would spend Season 22 highlighting issues that matter to him and Americans, ending the play with “Let’s Go America”.

Then, in the announcement of his new sponsor, James Koutoulas, the main holder of LGBcoin, said that if they do their job right on hearing about LGBcoin and hearing the song ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ then “you will think and feel, “Let’s go” America. ‘”

NASCAR has made it clear that it does not want to be part of the political meme. Asked about the vocals during his season-ending speech in Phoenix and the associated NASCAR logo on t-shirts, NASCAR President Steve Phelps said:

“It’s an unfortunate situation. I feel for Brandon [Brown]. I feel for Kelli [Stavast]. I think unfortunately that speaks to the state we are at as a country. We don’t want to join in politics, left or right. We obviously have, and always have had as a sport, immense respect for the office of the president, regardless of who sits.

“Do we like that it kind of started with NASCAR and then it’s gaining ground elsewhere?” No, we’re not happy with that. But we will continue to make sure we respect the president’s office.

“With respect to the trademarks used in this statement, to the extent that they use a NASCAR logo, we will sue anyone and stop this. It is not acceptable for you to use our trademarks illegally, whether or not we agree with the position.

There is no timeline for a resolution between NASCAR and Brown’s team as the approval process continues.