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Arthur C. Clarke’s Venus Prime sci-fi book series features Emmy-nominated writer duo Hill and Cormican for TV adaptation



Duo Hill and Cormican writing

Duo Hill and Cormican writing

Claxson Media President and CEO Roberto Vivo is proud to announce

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, September 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via NewMediaWire – Claxson Media, a production company with multimedia distribution in the United States, Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula, with offices in Miami, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, which recently obtained the rights to Venus Prime by Arthur C. Clarke, today announced the hiring of Emmy-nominated Dwayne Hill and David Cormican to screen the TV adaptation of the classic sci-fi book franchise. Creative Management Partners (CMP) agent in Beverly Hills, Alan Morell, represents Dwayne Hill, David Cormican, Brick Tower Press, J. Boylston & Company Publishers, Claxson Interactive and Claxson Lifestyle Holdings LLC.

Venus Prime, written by Paul Preuss, is a six-part series of science fiction novels and has been adapted from six short stories by author and screenwriter Sir Arthur C. Clarke. The series centers on the female protagonist Sparta escaping from the science lab where she was created, while discovering her biologically produced supernatural abilities. On the run, Sparta must now avoid being captured while trying to learn more about her mysterious past and in doing so must make decisions that may affect the fate of the world.

“We have decided to embark on this adaptation of the series because we believe it will captivate the minds and souls of a worldwide audience as a compelling franchise of the interplanetary mystery entertainment on-screen book where Jason Bourne meets the Da Vinci Code and Interstellar, “said Roberto Vivo, CEO of Claxson Media.” During an extensive search for the perfect screenwriters to adapt this very unique project, I met the writing team of Dwayne Hill and David Cormican and I found we had a shared vision for the story and the source material. Our decision was made all the easier given their successful experience with compelling script TV and characters. in three dimensions. “

Hill and Cormican have recently been successful in creating and producing Nordic rescue, a Netflix limited series in the family drama genre.

“When David (Cormican) and I were first approached for this project, we were excited to bring these classic works to the screen,” said writer and executive producer Dwayne Hill. “It’s such a timeless story about the fragility of the human condition, but with the Clarkian how technology can improve or corrupt it.

“In dealing with any adaptation of the book to the screen, it is important that Dwayne (Hill) and I understand, respect and revere the journey of the material before our own involvement,” said writer and executive producer David Cormican. . “Diving into the novels and (subsequently) securing the blessing of Roberto and Lucas (Vivo), with author Paul Preuss and channeling Sir Clarke has been an incredibly humble and remarkable journey as we pursue those sparks that have to come. ‘origin captured each of their curiosities with Sparta, as we work to weave our own sparks into the resulting pages of science, fiction, imagination and the answer to the age-old question: If you could save the world, but it would destroy you… what would you do?

Claxson also retained the services of Cormican and Hill to produce the pilot for the television adaptation.

The deal was negotiated by Amaya Ariztoy on behalf of Claxson Media and agent Alan Morell of Creative Management Partners (CMP) of Beverly Hills, Calif., On behalf of writers and producers Hill and Cormican.


Claxson Media is a private production company based in Latin America. It has produced, developed and distributed multimedia content in Latin America, the Iberian Peninsula and the United States, providing content on multiple channels including pay TV and multimedia streaming.

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