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Aging Well: Your Creative Mind’s Possibilities | Aging well


We believe in the power of possibility, and this passion shines through in what we do every day at Splendido, a life planning community for those 55 and over in the Oro Valley. Our programs, services and experiences strive to foster optimism for the future and a learning environment that is uniquely Splendido. And we do this in two ways through our Season of Creativity and our Open Art Studio.

Research has shown that seniors who engage in the arts in a group setting, from dancing to a poetry group to singing in a choir, experience tangible benefits in multiple areas of health. . It has to do with feelings of mastery and social connection.

What makes the trip of a lifetime so rewarding is the excitement of new possibilities – lifelong opportunities to learn more, do more, see more, experience more and feel more connected. to the world around us.

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With that in mind, the Creative Arts staff at Splendido, along with some of us at Mather, one of Splendido’s two parent organizations, are unveiling a Season of Creativity to provide even more ways for residents to master new forms of self-expression in a community setting. Many residents of Splendido are already advanced artists, and they teach and push each other in new ways. We simply provide additional opportunities to support each individual’s creative journey through innovative and in-depth programming that taps into their expertise and passions.

We offer ongoing hands-on workshops led by visiting local artists, which will bring unique ways of creating to all interested residents of Splendido. Each workshop is an opportunity to learn and speak with an experienced master of a craft, covering a variety of media from creative writing to bead making to photography.

Another signature offering is our Open Art Studio, where residents come together to create in an uplifting and encouraging setting. This inspiring community approach to artistic engagement invites long-standing and emerging artists to meet their peers and our staff artist in a welcoming and supportive setting. Maybe they’ll even incorporate what they’ve learned from the guest artists.

Open Art Studio is a creative space, a launching pad for new ideas, and a place to find personalized creative solutions for things that may temporarily get in the way (like Writer’s Block). The studio produces an impressive collection of works of art created by resident artists and offers numerous exhibition possibilities.

Creativity is all you feel. It’s about expressing your creative spirit, learning something new, and working on something as part of a group. To learn more about Splendido and our programs, visit splendideotucson.com.


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